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Why Pool Service?

pool service There are many reasons that you need a pool service like Executive Pool & Spa. Although it is possible for a pool owner to perform their own pool maintenance, it is often not a very good idea. If the chemical balance in the pool’s water is not precisely right, for example, it could not only damage the pool surface and equipment, but could harm both hair and skin of the people using the pool, or even cause illnesses. If the equipment is not maintained properly, then it could become damaged as well. To truly service and maintain your pool can take several hours a week. Wouldn’t you rather allow a pool service to take care of this for you, so that you can spend that time enjoying the pool instead? If the water in your spa or pool is too hard or too soft, it can stain the surface. If the pH or Total Alkalinity in the water is high, or even if it is too low, the equipment for the pool can become damaged from rust. The eyes and skin of swimmers may begin to itch or burn, and the hair can become dry and brittle. Hair coloring can also be changed.

Executive Pool Service

Also, if the water is not sanitized properly in your pool or spa, waterborne contaminants can make swimmers very sick. It is also necessary to maintain the filter, as well as the filtration rate of your pool or spa. If the filter becomes clogged, it could build up dangerous pressure. Cleaning the filter and debris baskets, as well as vacuuming the pool and skimming the surface are all needed often to avoid this from happening. You can actually save a lot of time and money by allowing a pool service technician to maintain the water chemistry, cleanliness, and operation of your pool. After all, your pool and/or spa is an investment that should last for years. Isn’t it worth it to make sure that it is maintained properly? Give us a call or drop us an email for more information on how we can take care of your pool and spa for years to come.