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Let the pros get your pool ready for summer

For many homeowners, a swimming pool can be a symbol of both pleasure and work. While it undoubtedly provides hours of entertainment, maintaining a pool can be tedious and time-consuming.

Depending upon how frequently they are used, swimming pools can require maintenance as often as one or two times a week. It is important to take extra measures to prepare your pool for various seasons, especially in areas with harsh winters.

If you would rather spend your time enjoying the benefits of owning a swimming pool, look for a reputable pool service to take on the job of keeping it properly maintained and checked for needed repairs or replacement of parts.
Before hiring, make sure you understand what a professional pool service should provide.

  •     Maintenance
  •     Check your pool’s chemistry
  •     Maintain adequate chemical levels
  •     Skim debris (leaves, grass, etc.)
  •     Monitor water levels
  •     Vacuum floor
  •     Brush walls, steps and other areas of the pool
  •     Empty skimmer baskets
  •     Inspect equipment
  •     Clean and change filters
  •     Shock the pool
  •     Repair/replacements
  •     Check for potential repairs and replacements, including tile, water filters and pumps, grids, heaters, light fixtures, timer, motors and electrical systems
  •     Check for plumbing leaks